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A sensible family vehicle!

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I decided that the time had come to have a practical 5-door family car that my parents and/or grandparents could get in and out of without any problem, as well as making it easier to get the cat boxes in the car for the annual trip to the vets and providing a sizeable boot for getting cuttings to the dump. I started looking for a Clio a few months ago, but failed to find anything that I liked and could afford, so I bought this little green Saxo with a really quite interesting (if that’s the right word!) interior. Every seatbelt is a different colour: green for the driver, blue for the front passenger and red or grey for the rear passengers; and the gear knob and doorlock buttons are bright yellow balls! Not my dream car, but it serves the purpose.


I still have the Mini, which is there as my fun vehicle (and also provides an alternative source of transport for Kerry when all his cars are off the road!)

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December 23rd, 2005 at 8:13 pm

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